“The purpose of the National Association of Local Long Term Care Ombudsmen is to organize and provide a common voice for professional long term care ombudsmen…” (From by-laws adopted by the membership in 10/97)

NALLTCO will accomplish this purpose by:

  • Advocating for issues that support the local long term care Ombudsman

  • Providing support for local long term care ombudsman in work related issues

  • Establishing a network of 52 states including Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia through the development of State Coordinators

  • Educating the public regarding the role of the local long term care ombudsman

  • Fostering an exchange of information and resources available through the Administration on Aging

  • Providing information to policy makers on legislation and regulations that will impact local long term care Ombudsman




NALLTCO Board of Directors
CHAIR: Eileen Bennett (MD) e-mail
VICE CHAIR: Cindy Kincaid (NC) e-mail
SECRETARY: Karen Guice (AL) e-mail
TREASURER: Tonya Amos (IA) e-mail

State Coordinator Manager:
Vanessa Fitchett (MT) e-mail

 Carla Chropkowski (MO)
Sue McCauley (AZ)
Alice Nicholson (VT)
Janice Reed (SC)
Kim Salisbury (NY)
Drew Strayer (OR)
John Weir (MI)

NALLTCO Code of Ethics for Ombudsmen

Albert Schweitzer said it best. “In everyone’s
life, at some time, our inner fire goes out. It is
then burst into flame by an encounter with
another human being.” A Long Term Care
Ombudsman can be that human being.
We can help that inner spirit , that flame.


See you at the Annual Meeting in Grand Rapids Michigan

October 25 – 28, 2011